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San Juan Unified Graduation Requirements

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High school graduation requirements are the courses students need to pass with a D or better to receive their high school diploma. Each district has different requirements. San Juan Unified School District requires that a student obtain 220 credits (traditional school) and 280 credits (block school) in specific areas in order to graduate. 

San Juan Unified

College Career Ready High School High School Graduation requirements

English                          40 credits
Mathematics 30 credits
Life Science (lab) 10 credits
Physical Science (Chemistry, Physics) lab 10 credits
Third year of science 10 credits
World History  10 credits
US History 10 credits
Economics 5 credits
American Government 5 credits
Physical Education 20 credits

VAPA or CTE (Visual Performing Art or Career Technical Education)

10 credits
World Language                                              20 credits
Health 5 credits
Social Science Elective 5 credits

Additional courses from above or general electives to meet the required 220 or 280 credits


Access graduation requirements in Arabic, Farsi-Dari and Russian.