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CCAP Dual Enrollment with American River College 

What is CCAP Dual Enrollment (DE)?
Through the CCAP Dual Enrollment Program with American River College, students have the unique opportunity to take a college course at his or her high school and receive college units while also fulfilling core high school credits. Dual enrollment courses are offered at no cost to students, with textbooks or online access codes provided. Students must go through their school counselor to enroll in CCAP dual enrollment. 
There is another type of dual enrollment, formerly know as Advanced Education, that students may enroll in on their own to take college coursework, however core credit is not guaranteed. You may find more information about the enrollment steps here:

How do I sign up for CCAP Dual Enrollment (DE)?

Step 1)
If you are interested in enrolling in a Dual Enrollment course, contact your school counselor.
Step 2)
Enroll as an American River College student to attain a valid ARC student ID number.

Step 3)
Submit a Special Admit Form (found here) with a parent signature to your school counselor.
Step 4)
Request that your school counselor submit the student's name on the SJUSD interest form.
  •         The deadline submit names for fall courses is March.
  •         The deadline submit names for spring courses in October.

CCAP Dual Enrollment Course Offerings

Spring 2024 Classes 

Spring 2024 courses begin January 13 and ends May 16, 2024.

Visit American River College's website for the official academic calendar:


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